Saturday, July 27, 2019

Peregoy's Jungle Book II

An interesting pre-production color sketch by Walt Peregoy. As you can see the style is much looser here than the eventual final look of the film. I am not sure if Peregoy thought this should be the look of the production BGs or if he just set the overall color mood in this piece.
Interesting, too, is that Mowgli's poses are from an actual (rotoscoped) scene in the film, which at that time was already animated. To paint his loincloth red instead of white was a smart decision.

Here is another early Peregoy Jungle Book study:


  1. Wow! A stunning piece. Totally agree about the decision to give him a red loincloth which contrasts strongly against the complementary luscious green jungle backdrop. Not only does it make Mowgli stand out visually, but also symbolizes that the man cub doesn't "fit in" to his environment.

  2. I like this jungle backdrop! :-)
    But the Jungle Book is an animation movie about Mowgli, his friends and his enemy and "then" about the jungle.
    Perhaps it worked better when Mogli would had a light skin and bright hair. Because of the color contrast.
    But Baloo, Kaa and Bagheera...All this great and important characters needed a lighter backdrop.
    And a lighter backdrop is good for a relaxed and funny mood too.