Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Genius of Milt Kahl

Another example of the immense creativity of Milt Kahl during the production of Lady and the Tramp. Milt was able to animate just about any situation with a four legged animal at this point.
He knew a dog's anatomy like nobody's business, and he could animate any scene believably in a masterful way. Milt liked this movie, he thought this film represented some of the studio's better efforts.

More on Tramp here:


  1. There's a ton of really amazing animation of Tramp. The technical skill is one thing, but they went a step beyond and animated with really great personality and attitude. Every little action has attitude!

  2. What kind of dog he is (breed), his character and his current mood I can see it all in the way he move...

  3. Wow, love that so much! Then there are the blasphemous, live action-CG versions....... no plees :p

  4. I really appreciate this information. I am looking forward to learning more about 'Lady and the Tramp'. It is a film I really only cared for previously because Peggy Lee is my favorite singer, but have come to appreciate the beautiful animation. The scene with the beaver in the zoo is very amusing, and the interaction between the animals is really entertaining!