Wednesday, December 18, 2019

MUSHKA Holiday Dinner

What an incredible evening! 
Last Sunday I hosted a holiday dinner party for our main MUSHKA crew.
Animators, background painters, song writers and so on. 
And Doris, our dog, who sneaked into the set up. With apologies to folks, who contribute to the project off and on. I only had 14 seats at the dinner table. We will have the big blow out with everybody next year, when the film is done and in the can.
Of course we had an updated screening of MUSHKA,  I am sooo thrilled to report that the Shermans were very happy with  the way it is coming along. Believe me, they would have told me if they saw any problems.
I am over the moon. A crazy dream come true. From JUNGLE BOOK to MUSHKA.
Full circle for me.

Fromt row:
Ariel Goldberg, voice acting and dialogue coaching.
Fabrizio Mancinelli, composer axtraordinaire and Roger Viloria, post production and a lot more. Then Andreas Wessell-Therhorn, animator . Followed by animator  Courtney Di Paola. Ambrosio Garcia, character opaquing and painting. Me, Elisabeth and Richard Sherman.
Background painters Craig Elliott and Tooba Rezaiei. And background supervisor Natalie Franscioni-Karp.
Way in the back, Craig Peck, associate producer.

Many thanks to Kai Loebach catering for the wonderful food!!


  1. I certainly hope I'll get to see it some day, but it depends on how it will be distributed in Sweden. Assuming it will be distributed here at all. [Insert rant about movie availability and region locking here.]

  2. Genau in der Mitte der oberen Reihe steht jemand, der Dir irgendwie ähnlich sieht, mit dem Unterschied von 10, 15 Kg mehr?!

  3. My sister and I are so looking forward to this! We're planning a trip to Cali if there is a screening that's open to the public. Either way we will love seeing it! Thanks to you and everyone who contributed to this wonderful project! Y'all are amazing!

  4. My warmest holiday greetings to you dear Andreas. Wishing you the happiest and greatest year! Looking forward for "Mushka"!

    Doris is super cute!

  5. Awesome photo! Love you guys and see you in the new year!!

  6. I like group photos like this one! :-)