Sunday, January 26, 2020

Phillip and Samson

Another example of Milt Kahl's powers as a draughtsman, designer and animator.
Prince Phillip is taking off on his horse Samson after telling his frustrated father King Hubert that he is going to marry the girl he met earlier in the forest.
I love the under drawing in red which always conveys Milt's thinking process. Here he changed the position of Phillip's head a little. 
Flat graphic designs that nevertheless move dimensionally. Astonishing!

This earlier post includes a few more rough drawings as well as clean ups from this scene:


  1. oh, it's nice to see one of these that still has a lot of roughness. Do you think he had figured out the horse on another sheet? Or maybe it's pose was similar enough to a previous drawing that he could draw more directly

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