Monday, June 1, 2020

Wilhelm M Busch 1959

These are illustrations for a story about a Lipizzaner stallion, written by by Uno Modin.
Busch's graphic style looks almost like a woodcut print or a linocut. I love everything about these drawings. Composition, staging, perspective...everything is masterfully executed.
Just look a the first image! How the guy is standing as he tries to control one of the horses. Just amazing!
I should call this post: So you think you can draw...!


  1. Truly amazing art works. So much energy and dynamics.

  2. Yesss! I had been missing the Busch appreciation posts. These are gorgeous.

  3. The next-last one blows me away. The dramatic angle and the late-afternoon shadows make a wonderfully dramatic image.

  4. Thank you so much Mr. Deja. I first discovered Wilhelm M Busch through your posts years ago, and no other drawings have sent shivers down my spine or welled my eyes up with tears like his have. I can't describe the power of his drawings as anything other than magic on paper.

  5. Thanks for always sharing these. I wish there was a really good book available in the US about Busch and his process for his sketches. If you have a suggestion for a good German one, I'd love to pick it up.
    If I remember correctly, you had mentioned him starting with a very simple line or two to set the background in place. I wonder if you might know anything about how much time he needed to capture an image that was in front of him, or maybe even how he decides on what details to negate?