Thursday, February 18, 2021

Grandpa Milt

In the 2013 Ted Thomas documentary Growing Up with nine Old Men he pays a visit to Milt Kahl's daughter Sybil. They both meet up in front of Milt's condo in Marin County, just north of San Francisco. Sybil opens a storage locker and not only finds signed art prints by Chagall and others, but also these sketches that Milt drew for his grandson's Nick's birthday. How about that!


  1. "A Mickey for Nicky". How sweet.
    Good thing this is at least on YouTube, it's one of those documentaries and featurettes that I wish they would add to the Disney+ catalogue.

  2. Wow. We all know that Milt was a tempermental animator at Disney, but sometimes he has a soft spot for his family, including his grandson. That is so sweet.

  3. Andreas, your work on Beauty and the Beast has shapped who i am, now a 32 year old. Not an artist, but a performer. I swallow swords like once seen in sideshows and circuses. You were such an inspiration to me to always strive and work hard and good things will follow.
    I'm indebted to you sir.
    Wish you the best!