Friday, May 28, 2021

A Sullivant Original II


"Darling, something tells me that the baby has fallen out of bed again."

Another original illustration by TS Sullivant, published in LIFE magazine on July 19, 1923. It measures 22 x 14". Be sure to  click on the image twice for full size and resolution. I find it somewhat unusual but interesting that the sofa chairs' armrests visually almost create two extra "legs" for the hippo couple. But that doesn't bother me, Sullivant can pull off unusual staging like no one else.

Unmatched cartooning artistry.


  1. It strikes how it becomes more and more angular and edgy with the passing of time, like a kind of Feininger with a sense of volume, tending to break forms. It's interesting to imagine where this could have ended with 20 more years of production.

  2. Thank you for sharing, that's awsome