Saturday, May 22, 2021

Medusa Original Rough


Medusa has just thrown one of her boots toward Snoops, when she lets out a gleeful "Ha!" There is some weird but wonderful stuff going on here drawing wise. That one line starting at her lower back  flows right past her shoulder and arm to end up in her fingertips. Crazy! I love that Milt exposed so much gum above her teeth. That adds so much character and menace. You would think that all those hair lines would boil and distract when seen in motion, but it all works.

I know that Milt Kahl would have kept on breaking conventional rules in his work had he stayed on for another film or two after The Rescuers. But he thought the overall Disney standard had fallen too low for him to stick around. In any case, Milt enjoyed eleven years of retirement before passing away in 1987.


  1. I love this.
    What I always liked about her, amongst other things, is the fact that there are several tiny details in her design that indicate her age and add to her character, but it never feels like it's too much, too cluttered during the motion. (for example, the shape of her body, the bones showing and the weight distribution). Very clever.

  2. Oh, it's so great! :D
    Her movement is so fluid that it can be a beginning of a dance in a musical. A Flamenco perhaps. Although a Charleston would be much more funnier because of her skinny legs and arms. ;)
    Yes, it is so smart how he framed her facial expression with her arm and her hair! :)

    Thanks for posting it! :D

  3. Always a delight to look at these delicate pencil! Makes me wonder what kind of pencil they used.

    1. Milt used mostly a Blackwing pencil:

    2. I meant to say pencil drawings (haha...)

      Thank you so much as well!