Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Prince Philip: A Closer Look


Here is another closer look, this time at Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty. These images are photos of the original, oversized model sheet. But unlike the recently posted Peter Pan sheet (which showed photographs of Milt Kahl's roughs), in this case his animation drawings were cut out and mounted on this beige cardboard.
Again, most of you have seen this model sheet as a print or somewhere online, but I hope these hi/res images give you a new appreciation of Milt's work on the character. Sophisticated lines that define sophisticated shapes. The Peter Pan drawings (just a few years prior) are all about dynamics and fluidity. Philip is all about graphic accuracy and perfection.
It is outrageous to realize that these are Milt's rough animation drawings, you could practically ink the images right on to cels. And yet new clean up drawings were produced as the final guide for the inkers.

I want to point out again that Milt literally hated to work on this character. But that fact did not keep him from maintaining a high standard, as these drawings clearly prove. 


  1. He hated working on him, and still he gave us the best-looking prince, in my opinion.

  2. Thank you for posting! :)

    Prince Philip isn't my favourite character too.
    Too much Prince Charming to me :D
    I like Samson (his horse) much more than him. :D

    The white background is a big problem to me...
    I'm so glad my new spectacle-lenses are coming soon! :D

  3. “Now, Father, you’re living in the past! This IS the Fourteenth Century!”

    Milt was the man!

  4. And these are the ROUGHS ("Ruffs") ??!!