Monday, June 7, 2021

Mushka Scenes

Those scenes represent a little over half of the film. I need more scene stackers. There are other piles of scenes around my studio that need to be stored properly. 
Home stretch, bits and pieces of footage left to animate, and one long important scene. I guess I'll sell some of these animation drawings to benefit charities that are important to me...


  1. That's truly impressive! Glad to hear that you guys are getting closer to the finish line. It surely will be worth the effort in the end.
    (Also, didn't this blog turn 10 yesterday? That's also pretty impressive.)

  2. Since yesterday your Blog is ten years old! :)
    Although I think you will celebate more the release of Mushka: Congratulation! :D

    I see your pictures, read that you need more scene stackers and take a deep breath! ;D
    It's a great idea to sell some of these animation drawings to benefit charities! :)

    I see the Tin Tin Rocket and Lilo and Stitch on the scene stackers and smile! :)

    Still more success in storage! :)

  3. what a nice library, probably mostly related to animation

  4. I am known in my house as the Binder Clip King...I sure could use one of those cool stackers. at least I draw letter size using a three hole punch and a modified three hole pegbar...I save a ton on punched paper that way. Looks like you are all 16 field there. Do you have to punch your own, or do you have a source?...Congrats on 10 years BTW. I have learned so much directly from the masters themselves, including yourself. I download and flip the scenes, I study the timing charts. This may be the single greatest 2d animation resource out there.Thank You and Cheers from San Diego...Come down and draw tigers one day.

  5. How do I get added to your list so that I'm notified when you decide to list a drawing for charity? I would be interested in supporting your causes and I love your art. Appreciate it.

    1. Much appreciated. I will announce such sales on my blog. Thanks!

  6. Love it. I love the clips shown at CTN.