Friday, August 27, 2021

101 Dalmatians, Behind the Scenes II

Here is part 2 with production photos and artwork from 101 Dalmatians. We need a coffee table size book on the making of this brilliant film. To this day the most modern Disney animated movie of all time.


  1. These are tremendous. I have known since I was a kid that animators drew frames and in-betweeners filled in. I also learned early on that Disney had deer drawing classes for Bambi but still I learn new stuff: photos of fully dressed models for Cruella!!! Who knew??

  2. You can tell the actress providing footage for Cruella is having the time of her life

  3. I love the artwork in this film. I could be wrong here but the background styling looks similar to 50s era looney tunes bgs, specifically Chuck Jones there an influence there or am I off on that lol?

    1. Walt Peregoy and Ernie Nordli (under the direction of Ken Anderson) were the main background artists for this movie. Ernie Nordli worked with Chuck Jones in the 50s, so there is a connection. But I don't know if there's an influence, or who influenced who.

  4. When I saw 101 Dalmatiner in the eighties I was still too young to appriciate it. But the scene when Roger receives the puppy never gets out of my mind! :)
    I like some of the pictures but most of all I like the first photo with Frank Thomas! :)
    Thank you for posting! :)