Monday, August 16, 2021



I always feel flattered when art students compliment me on my work at Disney, and when they tell me what it means to them. I can sympathize because I gave Frank and Ollie and the others earfuls of praise. I know they appreciated it, and I do, too. 

Bianca gave me this precious illustration during the last CTN Expo. The way she stylized the characters I had worked on is super charming. I just noticed the somewhat sad expression of Mickey on the left. I wonder if this might be a subtle statement about me leaving Disney. 

Bianca, wherever you are, your artwork made me smile and happy!


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  2. This is precious. Bianca has a beautiful drawing style. Hopefully she sees this.

  3. Bianca here certainly has a cute drawing style. It makes me want to see some of her other work, wherever that is. I also hope she takes notice of this and responds.

  4. I think Gaston threw Triton on top of Hercules and Mickey is concerned for both of them, but both interpretations could be simultaneously true.

  5. I agree with all comments before me. :)

  6. oh this is lovely, and it's a really nice drawing too!

    1. Yes,so lovely!:)
      ...and the interaction between the characters is so great too!:)

  7. Where’s many of the videos from your YouTube

  8. This is so awesome and adorable! What a lovely gesture. :D Rock on, Bianca!

  9. Dear Andreas,
    This is an amazing tribute to your wonderful work.
    I would like to invite you to my animation podcast. How can I possibly contact you ?