Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Edgar, Madame and Hautecourt

These Milt Kahl sketches appear in my book on the Nine Old Men, but I wanted to post them here in hi/res. They are the kind of drawings you can look at and study for a while with a cup of coffee. 

As usual, you are looking at Milt's drawing perfection. Such beauty in...everything. The rhythm within the poses, the hands, the feel for the fabric of clothing and on and on. These are masterful sketches.


  1. These vaguely remind me of W. M. Busch's style, even though I'm pretty sure it wasn't intentional.

  2. I discovered the Aristocats late but immediately recognized how beautiful the drawings were, esp on the old humans. Absolutely exquisite. To me they seem like the least cleaned up characters of any Disney movie, esp the Madame....was that intentional or just happenstance? The amount of rough lines showing almost feels avant garde, like they decided to push the xerox technique really far and make an artistic statement w light cleanup, rather than just approaching it as a cost savings technique.