Monday, November 15, 2021

This Thursday



  1. This is great news, I hope you and your crew have an amazing celebration.
    Also I hope this means we're getting closer to a release date, looking forward to it!

  2. Awesome! Can we purchase a virtual ticket just for this event?

    1. I got mine but, as I understand it, it's a ticket for all the events.

  3. I got a ticket, but it is 1:30am on a work night, so if I'm not there, congratulations now!

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  5. Yes, amazing! :)
    I think it will be a great party for the crew and for you! :)
    With the best wishes from me for you! :)

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  7. congratulations on this masterpiece. he could go out to the cinema in France?

  8. Dear Andreas Deja,

    I am writing to you know if you would be available for a discussion with me, a PhD candidate working on Disney’s lengt-animated movies. I am very interested by the work you did in the 90’s at the Disney’s studios and I really feel that talking with you would help me to enrich my understanding of the creative process with an insider perspective.
    But first, let me introduce myself, my name is Ariane Temkine and I am a PhD candidate at Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociale (EHESS) in Paris, where I work under the supervision of Professor Anne Lafont. I am fully funded by the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art to do so, and my research interest ranges from cinema’s history, to gender theory including cultural studies.

    I am writing my doctoral thesis on narrative schemes in Disney’s length-animated movies from 1937 to 1999. I am especially interested in the way gender shapes character’s trajectories inside Disney’s films. If my main concern revolves around narrative’s archs, I also want to look very carefully at the charachter’s design and I really think that interviewing you would help me in my understanding of the character’s conception, and how the creative process worked in Disney’s studios at the time you worked there. I have already done a lot of readings about sketches and work’s division in the studio’s but nothing will replace a dialogue with an skilled animatore like you.
    For example, I did not read much things about animators’ training in general and how your were thaught to design such lively characters. I know that you were trained in Essen, but I was curious to what was the drawing’s theory and practices were you thaught ? What was your handbook(s) as an apprentice ? How come heroes and villains have such distinctive traits ? Here are some of questions I would be very interested in hearing you about.

    I have seen on your blog that you live in LA and I am currently doing a short research trip here in LA. I was wondering if, by any chance, you would be available for this discussion in the following weeks.
    I’ve planned this research stay in Los Angeles for several months now, but unfortunately I had to postoned my trip due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I did not write you before I was absolutely sure I could travel to the United States. I really hope we will have a chance to meet !

    Looking forward,
    All the best,


    ps: (sorry to write you in your comment section but I couldn't fing your professional email. Mine is :

  9. This is so cool! Congrats on getting to screen this! I'm so grateful for all of y'all's hard work on this through the years. I can't wait to see it.

  10. I got the virtual ticket. I enjoyed watching this so much! Congrats and thank you to everyone who has been involved with this project. The Q and A was really fun too!

  11. Loved the event, although I was disappointed it wasn't a full screening. However the clips you showed were beautiful to look at, I really cant wait for it to be finished. And your team seemed very nice and dedicated, and there was some really good audience qs, like who would win in a fight Mushka or Scar, lol. Good answer u gave too. It was a lovely event. Great job, cant wait for the finished film!!!

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  13. am a real fan of your lion🤩
    You can see my try here.

    I did that in my 30h bootcamp.

    I konw it's not good enough.🙏