Saturday, July 9, 2022

Museum Opening


The Walt Disney Family Museum opened on October 1, 2009. Here is a pic from one of the opening ceremonies. Museum founder Diane Disney Miller greeted every single guest. It was at this event when Diane told me:"We should talk Mickey sometime." A few years later I ended up curating the exhibition: Mickey Mouse, from Walt to the World

That's Roger Viloria on the left, and photobombing in the back is friend and author Mindy Johnson. 


  1. What an honor it must be to have met her.

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    1. Yes, I did see it. It's terrific!

    2. Hi Andreas - I was pointed to your blog from a nice commenter on my 'snuff out the light' animatic - I know there was another animatic posted shortly after mine so i'm unsure which one you saw, but either way im just absolutely astounded that either of them could've made it all the way to you! I'm a young disabled person with no formal training of any kind and am just trying to teach myself storyboarding out of passion, so if something i made actually reached someone who worked on the actual movie then I'm beyond humbled and beyond words, thank you so much! (My username is SaveDisk on youtube, if that clears things up!) Thank you again!

  3. Das ist schon ein Stück Zeitdokument!
    Ich freue mich für jeden, der Diane Disney Miller persönlich kennenlernen konnte....
    Und was für ein freudiger Zufall, dass im Hintergrund auch noch Mindy Johnson mit aufs Bild kam!
    Danke fürs Veröffentlichen!