Thursday, August 25, 2022

London 1987

Back row:  Chuck Gammage, animator - Phil Nibbelink, animator - Don Hahn, animation producer 

Middle row: Ken Ralston, visual effects supervisor - Uli Meyer, animator - me, animator - Chris Knott, animation effects supervisor

Front row: Robert Zemeckis, director - Arthur Schmidt, editor - Richard Williams, animation director - Steve Starkey, associate producer

This was a sequence turnover meeting, where we looked at live action footage and discussed the animation that needed to be added. 

Roger Rabbit, a once in a lifetime experience! The idea behind the film was irresistible.


  1. everything Looking so casual , but this so legendary!!! Thank you for posting this

  2. I always like these kinds of more natural photos.
    Seeing the set up for reviewing film there reminded me of this behind the scenes thing from Rollercoaster Rabbit, I was kind of surprised that they were using 3D software before they were even using audio software. Rather, using physical film to transcribe the audio.