Thursday, August 4, 2022

Lucky Emil

Milt Kahl sent this magnificent drawing of Bagheera to one lucky person called Emil. Probably in 1965. In studying the sketch I think this might be an outtake from an actual scene. Remember when Bagheera gives Baloo a hard time, who just announced that he is going to take care of Mowgli and teach him all he knows? This pose is from that section of the film. Milt added the branch and a personal note, folded the drawing, and off to lucky Emil...


  1. Hi Andreas, thanks for sharing. Do you know anything about Emil? How did you come about this sketch? It is a great one. Also, I just found out the Walt Disney Family Museum actually has copies of your latest book in hand and are now available to shipped out. You can order them on their website, support the museum and have a copy before November 1. Can't wait to read and look at it!

  2. My friend Wil from Holland owns this drawing. He was gracious enough to send me a scan.