Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Roughs from Bedknobs & Broomsticks


I couldn't resist to do a post on the soccer game from Bedknobs and Broomsticks, 1971. As I am totally enjoying many of the current World cup Games. All these unpredictable scores so far...

I believe these rough animation drawings are by Fred Hellmich, with some help from Milt Kahl.  Hellmich started at Disney in the mid 1950s and stayed through the 1970s until picking up work from other studios. 

The scenes with the gorilla goalkeeper (Team Dirty Yellows) are so great. Way back I had the soccer sequence on Super 8 film, and I loved studying the animation frame by frame.

Does anyone have any interesting infos about Fred Hellmich? There isn't a whole lot about him online. 

Here is a previous post with Milt Kahl's stunning character designs for the sequence:


  1. I know this is likely a first pass, but I love Fred's(?) roughs here! So much exploration. I learn so much more from seeing how artists *think* than looking at cleanup drawings.
    Big thanks for sharing, Andreas!

  2. Here is a bit about Fred Hellmich.

    I remember Dale Baer speaking about him. Floyd Norman could probably provide you some more information on Fred.
    Fred died very young , at age 57.

  3. Eric Larson I think did scenes of the Alligator approaching the Elephant and scaring him with the mouse.

  4. Es gibt Charaktere die unvergesslich sind, aber sich für mich im Kontext nicht ausreichend genug eingebunden anfühlen, um, wie ich finde, optimal zugeordnet werden zu können. 🙂
    Danke für das Teilen der Zeichnungen zum "Soccer Game"! 😊
    Ich würde mir diese Passage so gerne anschauen! 😊
    Meine Anregung: Es wäre an der Zeit für eine CUT OFF Reihe mit einer vorangestellten Erklärung je Folge, warum diese oder jene Szene nicht im Kontext zu sehen ist, aber für sich allein genommen unbedingt sehenswert ist oder (großes Wagnis! ) abzulehnen ist.
    Aber auf das Sehenswerte würde ich mich sehr freuen! ☺️
    Rettet zwar nicht die Welt, wäre aber die Art von angebrachter postume Honoration, die mir sehr gefallen würde! 😃

  5. I adore that sequence and the Gorilla was absolutely amazing .For a country that didn't really play soccer back then, they really got it right