Monday, March 4, 2024

Ward Kimball 110


Ward Kimball was born 110 years ago.
Here is another pic taken during my last visit to his house in 2002. At age 88 he was still curious, passionate and of course...funny. Disney was so lucky to have one animator among his crew who constantly thought outside of the box. 
Here are a few visual reminders if his genius.


  1. Heritage Auctions and the original draft sheet attribute that pencil drawing of the Mad Hatter to John Lounsbery.

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  3. Hi Andreas,

    I have been following your Blog since we met last year at Animayo festival when you released Mushka to the public. Still have your autograph to remind me that dreams come true.

    I am currently studying 3D animation at animation mentor these days and I have a couple of questions for you as you are someone who is being animating all his life professionally and influence a lot of us through your work.

    How do you know you are following the correct path? My dream is to become an animator in Disney/Pixar. However, I miss the drawing part of the industry. What do you recommend to someone that wants to start as animator but also loves drawing so much?

    I will leave my email address here:

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts,

  4. Thanks for the picture. On the background, the pertaining T.S. Sullivant file box. Long before the book.

  5. Wonderful post. Now that's an OFFICE! Great picture of you both!