Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ken Anderson's Doodles for The Rescuers

Ken Anderson did a ton of loose character design sketches and background studies for The Rescuers. He was not concerned with the final look of the film, instead he presented valuable ideas which layout and background artists as well as the animators could put to good use. There is always a good dose of charm and personality in his work.
These drawings show how Ken staged the mice with objects from the human world in order to make them look small. Fun stuff!

See Milt Kahl's version of the following sketch here:

A couple of line ups showing the swamp folks.


  1. SO inspiring drawings. They´re maybe really fast sketches drawn straight from idea? Seems like pencil didn´t raise much from paper. But still so clear and nicely staged drawings.

  2. Even though these are rough initial sketches, they are so charming. I love how you can observe each individual little pen stroke.

  3. Ken Anderson had a great internal force, we should just think about his recovery from a stroke in 1962. Usually people become crippled by such a thing, while he managed to recover and was back in business within a few years. What should be also admired is that although being an architect by profession, he managed to evolve continuously and create art always with a great appeal.

  4. The swamp creatures certainly maintained this appeal in the final product!

  5. 10th old man....always felt bad about his scolding from Walt about seems that experience may have contributed to his health decline not long after.