Sunday, December 8, 2013

3 x Ward Kimball

A great snapshot of Walt stopping by Ward's office around the time of The Three Caballeros.
Kimball seems to be saying: "Just to let you know, Walt, I'm going to go a little crazy with this sequence."

Ward is about to sign his sketch of Luzifer, which was part of several collages I had put together to decorate the second floor of the animation building in the late 1990s.

Kimball's archive at home. Boxes and files full of clippings from magazines and other sources.
I am not surprised that he collected T. S. Sullivant images. 
If I am not mistaken, one box is labelled Nice Ward Kimball Fan Mail. 

This photo was taken during my last visit to see Ward in 2002.
More on that visit here:


  1. This archive room is very rough:)

  2. Great pics!..thanks fer sharing. He was well organized. much better than myself..hehe.

  3. I've always liked what I've read about Ward Kimball. He seems like a guy that truly loved being an artist. He appeared to have been able to roll with the punches while working at the studio as well, particularly with his sense of humor and diversions with the band! He seemed to be a bit of a hoarder too, which I can relate to. Probably amazing gems you saw on that visit, Andreas.

  4. Panchito is one of my favourite characters! Thanks!

  5. Nice pics, thank you about these. Looks like there is whole bands equipments on Ward´s room. :) Exhibition from Ward´s archive would be interesting, has there been any?