Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I have had these prints for a while, I hope you enjoy them.
Woolie Reitherman, Ken Anderson, Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas meet up with some of the Robin Hood Disneyland characters outside of the animation building. I would guess 1973.

Below are a couple of pics taken on April 9, 1978.
The University of Southern California chapter of the Delta Kappa Alpha National Cinema Fraternity recognizes the "Nine Old Men" with the "Pioneer in Film" award.
From left to right:
Les Clark, Eric Larson, Ollie, Ken Anderson, Woolie, Ward Kimball, Frank, Marc Davis and the boss.
(John Lounsbery had passed away in 1976, and Milt Kahl had moved to San Francisco).

Singer Peggy Lee attended the event, here she is congratulating Ollie.
(Eric Larson animated the character Peg from Lady & the Tramp to Lee's voice more than two decades before)

I believe this photo was taken at the restaurant on the upper floor of the animation building, early 1970s. From left to right:
Ken Anderson, Milt Kahl, Card Walker (Disney top executive) and John Hench (Disney background painter and Imagineer).


  1. Great pictures!!!!!! I love seeing the animators with the characters. Must be a thrilling experience to stand with the characters you animated or in a film you worked on.

  2. Lovely pictures. Did Marc or/and his wife design any of those character´s suits for Disneyland or being aproving them? Milt have such a great jacket! :)

  3. I didn't realize the old animation building had a restaurant on its upper level. Nice to know that Disney artists had a place to go and unwind, have a cigarette, a bite to eat and a cup of coffee while working away at their animation desk. Something more than just a tiny break room! :)

  4. Little late to the party, but I am thoroughly enjoying your posts, Andreas. My dad, Hugh Fraser, Disney Animator, 1935-1953, went into private biz, thereafter with H&B until 1985 worked with all the old timers. Some of Dad's works were Snow White; Fantasia; Pinocchio; Dumbo; Saludos; Toad; LoSleepy Hollow; Peter Pan etc. plus lot of shorts. Great info and reminds me of many of Dad's stories about work and his pals at Disney. Thanks for keeping the art of animation alive with your wonderful talent. Peter Fraser

    1. Peter, I love your dad's work!! He was an extremely gifted animator and very important to Disney. I'd like to get together with you sometime to talk about your dad!

    2. Hi Andreas,

      Thanks for your kind words. Dad would have loved your work. Ya know, all those old timers knew who could cut the mustard and they were incredibly respectful of each other's talents. I live in Marin County (Northern Calif) and do come to LA. It'd be great to get together. We used to live within walking distance of the Studio, on Niagara, off Riverside Drive. I used to walk (or ride on his shoulders) with Dad to the Studio on weekends. If you wish, drop me an email at Thanks, hope to meet up soon. Peter

    3. We're researching an article on Hugh Fraser who used to live on Flower Street in Santa Ana. Can someone contact us with info on how to reach Peter for this article?

  5. the greatest team ever.....All of them had such style, draughtsmanship, and human qualities which remained unmatched.
    Thank you very much for sharing!

  6. The restaurant above the Animation Building was better known as, "The Penthouse Club." This was long before the term was given another rather unsavory connotation. You could enjoy a cigarette and a fair amount of booze in the club. Hardly a place for the likes of kids like myself.