Friday, January 31, 2014

Robin Hood & Little John in Drag II

I have posted some material on these two characters dressed as gypsies before, but I have more to show. The doodle sheets above and below were drawn by Milt Kahl. He is trying to find entertaining solutions to the problem of fitting a dress on the body of a fox and a bear.
Beautiful sketches!

This model sheet includes most of Milt's key drawings from a scene in which Little John reacts to the arrival of Prince John's royal coach:  "Now how about that for luck! It's only a circus, a peanut operation." During the dialogue the bear is tying the bonnet's strings into a knot, which is a lovely piece of business. At the end of the scene he turns to Robin screen left.

Ollie Johnston tries a different costume arrangement.

Frank Thomas and Milt Kahl research ideas for interesting looking outfits.

More of Milt's designs. At one point he attempted to keep the ears in the open, but their shapes interfered with the front bow. 

Here is the link to an earlier post about these two characters as gypsies:


  1. A great continuation of the last post there. :D

  2. Thank you for sharing!

    question from the amateur: what kind of markers did they use to colour the hair and face in these concept drawings? Or was it watercolour? Or something else? Thank you.

    1. Those were called Macic Markers, and they came in countless colors.

    2. Thank you! They were better than today's markers. Its a pity that they aren't available any more.

  3. I don't think there's a funnier cartoon character in all of animation than those characters who dress in drag. Bugs Bunny was funniest when he dressed in drag, and these sketches from Milt Kahl are brilliant and very funny!

  4. Easily the highlight of the movie! You can just feel the animators enthusiasm in that scene.

  5. Magic Markers provided great color, but the darn things were probably toxic. I remember using them to storyboard, but I was beginning to get high off the fumes. I'm sure they're not even made any longer.