Sunday, July 13, 2014


Obviously I need to have a post that celebrates the German team winning the World Cup. Yeeaaaahhhh…..
The soccer game in Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks was unbelievably popular in Germany when the film was released there in 1972. It was shown on TV over and over again, and when Disney released the sequence on Super 8 film as home entertainment, it became by far the best selling Disney clip.

Here are a few of Milt Kahl’s gorgeous designs for a few members of the infamous “Island of Naboombu” soccer match.

An earlier leaner warthog design.

All I remember when I saw the match for the first time on the screen, it gave me one of those Disney “highs”. And Kimball’s direction had a lot to do with it.

Did I mention Germany won…?

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  1. congratulations:)
    It was a nice match:)
    .and they are wonderful drawings..thnks:)

  2. Have you seen the video on YouTube where it is fan dubbed of audio files from the game of Team Fortress. You'll crack up a laugh Andreas :)

  3. -B-

    Mein Glückwunsch Andreas!


  4. Thank you for share this treasure with us Andreas!!!! One day I'll make my dream to meet you in person come true!!! =)

  5. The most exciting World Cup in a long time. Probably the highlight was when Germany beat Brazil 7-1. Though, England didn't make it as usual, to add insult to injury, they lost against Costa Rica, the supposedly "whipping boys" of the World Cup.

    Anyway, these are beautiful drawings. Did Milt animate any footage in the football sequence? This is without doubt the highlight of the movie, the live-action: not so much. I thought the movie did an alright attempt at capturing the spirit of "Mary Poppins" but I never liked the performance of the child actors, and that's what I think is lacking in the film.

  6. Schland!!! :D Great inspirational drawings! Thanks for posting!

  7. I loved this movie so much as a little kid so much in fact that my VHS copy was worn out that you couldn't see the entire picture. I feel bad that no one knew what this movie was when I was growing up. I believe the best part about this movie was the island of animals playing the match but also the climax battle with the Nazis. I don't know how they made that armor work out during that scene whether it was some kind of blue screen or just wires. I get to that sequence and still get a laugh out of it. Angela Lansbury was incredible in that picture and I'm glad the studios gave her a chance to voice Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast.

    By the way Andreas have you seen Glen Keane's animated short Duet?

  8. Here in Brazil, Germany became a major villain after the historic game 7-1, but in the end everyone cheered by the Germans due to an old rivalry that we have with Argentina. Congratulations on your victory and great drawings.

  9. Reminded my sister's boyfriend from Germany came over to my house yesterday and watched the game with us and was happy to see his home country won.

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    1. I was talking about the soccer game sequence from the film.

    2. You'll always get those comments Andreas. I never think that far ahead while watching this film.

  11. Definitely belongs on any list of best animated sequences of all time!

  12. Master Deja,

    Thanks for the drawing and football lessons.

    Congratulations from a Rio de Janeiro fan.

    7-1 !
    1-0 !

    Weltmeister !!!

    Rio de Janeiro

  13. Hallo Andreas,

    das Fussballspiel der Tiere ist auch für einer meiner Alltime favorites. Und dass wir nun endlich wieder Weltmeister sind ist natürlich großartig!

    Grüße aus der Heimat

    Uwe (

  14. Wahhh - die sind aber toll! So gutes Design.

  15. ...hier sind alle aus dem Häuschen...und ich begeistert von dieser Ollie Anekdote, ob es wohl so war?

  16. Always loved the design of the animals in this film.

  17. I returned to Disney to work on this film. Mainly because Ward Kimball was directing.

  18. I loved the character of King Leonidas who is a lion, and a devoted soccer player with a fearsome temper, as well as a notorious cheater who is known to make up the rules of soccer as he goes along.
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