Wednesday, July 16, 2014

TS Sullivant 11

Exactly one hundred years ago this Sullivant cartoon was publishes in Life magazine.
A whole century later he still stands alone as a master of caricature of not only animals, but people as well. 
The following illustrations show how inventive, unconventional and original he was when handling human types. If I was teaching a class on character design, I would have all of my students study these proportions, poses and expressions. This stuff is so way ahead of today’s animation designs. I don't mean that modern animated characters should look like Sullivant's work, it's just a level of excellence in general that I am missing in most productions.

Here is another selection of Mr Sullivant’s delicious drawings, to inspire and to remind everybody, who is interested, of a higher standard. 

My first post on Sullivant focused on his masterful animal designs:


  1. Fantastic post Andreas!!! Some girls remembered me Lilo. Do you used some this drawing to inspire you to draw Lilo? Hugs from your Brazilian Fan!!!

  2. Thanks for the Sullivants. They also show how charming characters can be without big eyes.

    1. Oversized, bulging eyes with cross-eyed pupils seem to be the current trend. This too shall pass.

  3. Whenever he does animals lying down, like those pigs, it always blows me away. The weight on their bellies is just amazing!