Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jonathan Freeman

I will update my blog again toward the weekend. In the meantime I am off to New York to see my friend Jonathan perform Jafar on stage. As some of you might know he originated the role for the animated feature Aladdin...a while ago. Can't wait.
When I get back I hope to see some of you at the fabulous CTN EXPO.


  1. Hi Andreas,

    I love your blog, be it that I live for Disney Trivia. In that regard, I was wondering wether or not you had an e-mail so that I could ask you questions that I may have about concept art, trivia facts and such. If you do have one, I would greatly appreciate you leaving it in the comments, please.

    Thank you and enjoy your weekend!

  2. I didn't know he was in the stage version. How cool is that!

  3. Sehr geehrter Herr Deja

    Mein Name ist André Fischer, ich bin 21 Jahre alt und lebe in der Schweiz. Zurzeit bin ich im letzten Jahr meiner Lehre zum Coiffeur EFZ. Dieses letzte Jahr bringt auch eine Vertiefungsarbeit mit sich. Da ich ein sehr grosser „Walt Disney“- Fan bin und auch oft selbst Motive aus dessen Filmen nachzeichne, oder auch selbst welche erfinde, habe ich mich entschieden, in meiner Vertiefungsarbeit über die „Walt Disney“- Filme zu schreiben. Für meine Arbeit würde ich sehr gerne ein Interview mit einem Zeichner von „Walt Disney“ machen, um den ganzen Aufbau einer Disney- Film- Produktion und alles, was dazu gehört, aus einer professionellen Perspektive kennenlernen zu können. Dabei dachte ich an Sie, Herr Deja. Ich bewundere Ihre Arbeit und es wäre mir eine Ehre, wenn Sie sich dazu bereit erklären würden, mit mir ein kurzes Interview durchzuführen. Gerne würde ich Ihnen 10-15 Fragen per eMail zukommen lassen, die Sie mir dann beantworten würden. Das wäre grossartig und würde mir sehr viel bedeuten!

    Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
    Ihr Fan, André Fischer



    Obre FischerNovember 18, 2014 at 7:04 AM

    If you were hopefully interested, you could write me here or on:

    I would be more than happy and It would mean a lot to me.

    All the best,
    Your fan André

  4. Hi Andreas,

    My name is Matt Holt. And this will come of like every other fan/commenter, I love your dedication to 2D and find this blog very resourceful, thank you. I work and live in NYC and I would love buy you lunch this week if you have any free time. This might seem strange, but I remind myself how you sought out your idols and figured I would give it a try.

    If our paths do not cross, I hope you have a lovely time in the city and enjoy Aladdin.


  5. I've heard so many wonderful things about the show – Enjoy your trip and update us when you get back!

  6. That is awesome that you are going to see this amazing musical. I cannot get enough of the music Alan Menken composed for this musical. Especially since they the original songs that were suppose to be in the movie but were cut out. You should have a picture of Jonathan Freeman with his costume on and post it on the blog that would be so cool!
    By the way I heard yesterday was the 25th anniversary to the Little Mermaid, how did it feel animating for that movie after dealing with the Black Cauldron fiasco?

  7. Hello, sir! Thank you for your wonderful blog, and for being able to meet you at CTN this year! (I was the redhead with the big glasses that attempted a good, solid handshake after your talk on Saturday night!) Can't wait to meet again some day!

    Lauren Chaikin