Saturday, December 27, 2014

Paul Jouve's Big Cats

A while ago I posted artwork from one of Europe's most important animal artists, Paul Jouve.
He was an expert in depicting all animals, but I am particularly impressed with his big cats. They remain a constant reminder during my work on Mushka, that it is essential to capture the power as well as elegance and grace of these magnificent animals.
The image above is a book illustration showing Shere Khan, an Indian tiger. But his heavy, bulky body reminds me of the Siberian tiger I am dealing with in my film.
Jouve knows big cat anatomy like nobody's business, yet occasionally he does things like putting leopard spots on what is essentially a tiger drawing. Or he puts stripes on a cat that resembles a leopard. The main thing though is that he is a master when it comes to drawing or painting feline poses. A great source of inspiration for my film.

For my first post on Paul Jouve, go here:


  1. These superb pictures !!! Amazingly great! They instill a sense of power and respect! Thank you, Andreas! Wow!

  2. The last one looks like Aladdin sitting on Bagheera.

  3. That is really amazing. So Mushka is that based on a legend?

  4. So much energy and flow in all of his animal drawings.
    Thanks for that post, i will try to find his book for sure.

  5. Yeah this artist is a genius, i remember have seen an exhibition in the Marcilhac Gallery in Paris on him, what a big energy he has in his work, by the way Andreas, some of his work still available in this gallery (rue Bonaparte, next to the Ecole des Beaux Arts), and some of his big paintings and sculptures are available in the '' Musée des années 30" in paris.

    i remember asked two of my teachers about him, they don't even know him.