Friday, April 3, 2015


Joe Grant sure knew how to infuse the right amount of evil when he designed Snow White's Queen and Witch characters. His drawings were hardly changed at all for the film, I sure love all that dramatic black. (I remember having to argue to include the color black in the design for Jafar. Early versions showed him in fifty shades of red. Really, red only)
I love all of these sketches, they are graphically sound and scary in a groundbreaking way.

This scene was animated by a very young John Lounsbery.

Quick Mushka update:
Thanks again to everybody for your interest in the project. I started to hire only a few people, but as production continues, I will need more help. Please, keep your contacts in the comment section, so I can revisit portfolios and reels as time goes by.
The internship program will happen in connection with CTN, I will have more on that soon.
I apologize, but artists need to be local.


  1. When I was a child I was terrified about the Queen's transformation

  2. I put my email in the comments section, but not put my portfolio. Here is my last animation test shot:

  3. I first saw Snow White when I was four years old. I loved it and I don't think that it's too much to say that my course was set, even at that early age. The Queen was terrifying, and the transformation into the old Hag, even more so. Nowadays they won't let us do such things, all is sanitised of any hint of real terror. Shame.

  4. Hi Mr. Deja-

    If you're still looking for a composer, I'm in the final stages of scoring a 2 minute silent animated movie that I would love to show you and I think you might find very interesting! My email is Please let me know if you'd be interested in seeing it!

    Art Babbitt, Norm Ferguson, and Joe Grant's work on this character terrified me for a number of years so that I wouldn't watch this film for a long time. Nowadays of course, Snow White is one of my very favorite Disney films.

    1. I do have a composer, Zev. I listened to a few of your tracks and really liked them.

    2. Thank you so much for listening! Best of luck to you, and I can't wait to see the final film!

  5. It's amazing to see how the queen/witch's creation went through a lot of changes in terms of Joe Grant's design, Art Babbitt's animation as well as Norm Ferguson and John Lounsbery

  6. I also love Gustav Tenggren's concept work for Snow White!

  7. Hi Andreas,

    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for taking the time to come and speak to my students at Mike's gallery last week. They all left feeling inspired and full of creative energy!

    I think that sometimes there is a bit of a gulf between those learning the principles and techniques of animation, and those that work professionally within the industry. So to hear about your work and your journey really meant a lot to them. I really cannot thank you enough. We'll be back in Los Angeles next year, so maybe we'll meet again.



    Oh, and just to stay on topic - I think the key to the success of Joe Grant's designs are the silhouette thats created. That use of black creates a negative space which makes the lines harder. Scary stuff.

  8. I had the singular honour of being allowed to visit Joe Grant and his wife Jenny in July 1988! It was during a marvellous holiday when I accompanied my friend Brian Sibley to the Disney Studios ( Brian was delivering a draft screenplay for a sadly never realised project Mary Poppins Comes Back! ) and it truly was a once in a lifetime trip which was mind boggling to me a crazy Disney freak I was a very young 32 year old!

    Joe had a wonderful Witch sketch in his home and I treasure the memories of his wonderful hospitality!

    Thank you so much for your Blog Andreas I often look at your posts!

  9. I'm a big Disney Villains fan and I'm happy to receive emails regarding vintage Disney animation , and my email address is thank you in anticipation! Best Wishes to you Andreas I really enjoy your Blog! All the best from Muir