Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Walt and Ludwig

As a kid I've always loved TV shows in which Walt appeared alongside this befuddled character, Professor Ludwig van Drake. With Paul Frees' voice work and terrific animation by some of Disney's best artists, Ludwig discussed a variety of topics such as education and how color television works.
Two shows from 1961 stand out to me, An Adventure in Color and Kids is Kids. I think that Milt Kahl and Frank Thomas had the best handle on the character, their scenes are alive and very entertaining.

For more on Ludwig van Drake, go to this previous post:


  1. Ludwig has always been my favorite! He always makes me laugh. Especially in Symposium on Popular Songs.

    No voice actor could ever bring him to life like Paul Frees.

  2. Ludwig and Scrooge (From Scrooge McDuck and Money) have always been my favorite of Donald's family. I am thankful you can find these cartoons on Youtube. I have a nice little collection of cels/models sheets/toys of these characters.

  3. I always loved Professor Ludwig Von Drake and Paul frees was a Disney favorite
    Did u ever meet Paul frees Andreas?

  4. Paul Frees was a genius. I mean he made my childhood awesome with Rocky and Bullwinkle and all the classic Christmas specials. I have this Ludwig song which is actually Paul Frees doing some improve of the duck and he is talking about the echo chamber. It's so funny hearing his different range of voices. Just like Mel Blanc when he helped Jack Benny both in the radio show with the comical actor Phil Harris and the TV show.

    By the way Andreas I wanted to tell you some great news. I just got accepted into the Disney college program in Florida. I will be working at the parks during the fall. The girl who was interviewing me was telling me that sometimes the animators will visit the workshop classes. I really hope you or your fellow colleagues will visit this fall to the program.

    How is your animated film you are currently working on? :)

  5. One of my favorite Disney characters as well! Ward Kimball also worked on the character for a few shows, but I believe that Milts work is probably the best. His animation of the character is really nicely controlled with lots of personality.

  6. Sorry for the off-topic but you should check this out! Magic 3D Pen: http://youtu.be/6r5q9T_7u8A

    I'd love to see what you could achieve with that toy :)

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  8. Ward kimball and Milt Kahl really knew how to get Von drakes quacky personality on to the screen and they were both so opposite that it became so matched up

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