Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Einstein and Dodger

I only worked briefly on the film Oliver & Company, before moving to London to animate on Who Framed Roger Rabbit instead. These are a couple of leftover design sheets for Einstein and Dodger.
I remember trying (but failing) to come up with design that wouldn't remind the audience of other Disney dogs. Dodger looks like Tramp's little cousin, and Einstein...well, you know.
I had the chance to do a pass for all characters, including Fagin, who turned out somewhat more original.
I'll post other design doodles from the film once I locate them.


  1. I'm not sure how I feel about the film overall, but I love Georgette's animation. The shapes, caricature, and punchy animation really outshine the other characters, which I suppose is appropriate for her character!


  2. Love the designs. Although very reminiscent of the Lady and The Tramp, the designs don't read as looking like a repeat of those characters from that film. It's funny, but Disney in the 60s and 70s seemed to revisit or repeat earlier designs for a variety of different films. Seemed like Woolie encouraged it.

  3. Oliver & Co has always been a favorite of mine. The film had flaws, but its one I really enjoyed. My first animation art purchase was a cel of Dodger back in 95. I would love to see more of your art from this film!

  4. With all due respect, this movie ranks among my least favorite animated Disney features. Nonetheless this post fascinates me. I had no idea about these concept designs before!

  5. To be honest, I've always hoped Disney would do more movies like Oliver. Not that it was the greatest movie ever, but it was cool to see something set in modern day like that. We did get Bolt which was... okay. But that film always stood out as something unique. A bit like 101 Dalmatians, it actually felt like it was made in the time it came out. Dalmatians feels like a 60s film, this feels like an 80s film (even though it's technically 90s, but you get what I mean). Sure, I love the timeless feel of the fairy tales. But there's something to be said for connecting with a movie that makes you feel like you're in a different time.

  6. I was the lead animator on Einstein. I didn't get that credit because there wasn't enough footage on him to warrant that. He was a minor character. I did a revised design on him and created the model sheet. I looked a lot at 101 Dalmations and Lady and the Tramp (Trusty) for inspiration. I also wanted to get lots of overlap on his jowels like Trusty had. I LOVED Andreas's take on these characters! I could post the finished model sheet if Andreas would like me to. But it's so fun to see Andreas's early takes on both of these characters! Love the designs!

  7. Danke fürs Teilen ihrer Dodger Version! :)
    Am Besten finde ich Dodger beim Laufen! 👍😊