Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Leftover African Cats

Here are just a few animal sketches in brush pen, that didn't make it to the final selection of drawings I made to help promote the 2011 Disney film "African Cats". These sketches were not made from real life. Instead I drew these poses looking at a TV monitor showing a very low res version of the film.
I believe any artist studying wildlife needs to include film footage as a resource. You just don't always get interesting animal behavior from looking at a sleeping lion at the zoo. Don't get me wrong, drawing at the zoo is incredibly important, after all you are in the presence of the actual animal.
It's just that they don't hunt, fight or make love (well, sometimes they do.)
I can't wait for the next BBC nature documentary, their cameramen are amazing. So are Beverly and Dereck Joubert, who work for National Geographic. 

Here is the original post for "African Cats":


  1. Oh man, these are wonderful! I liked the documentary and I'm always impressed when they get beautiful footage of wild animals without disturbing them, although obviously they edited out a lot of the killing, mating etc.

  2. Capturing such great energy and expression in a simple sketch is amazing. The elephant reminds me of your wire sculptures in some way. Sometimes I find working from photographs stiffening... it's always a work in progress!

  3. Danke für das Zeigen dieser tollen Bilder! ☺️
    Dieser hägende Zahn, ja der ist mir ständig beim Anschauen der Doku im Kopf hängen geblieben. 😄
    Mir gefiel bei der Dokumentation die Konzentration auf die weiblichen Tiere und das die Art von Humor, den ich allzu gut aus den Dokumentationen der alten Tagen kannte, hier keinen Eingang gefunden hat.
    Apropos "Make Love", genau das habe ich in dieser Dokumentation nicht gesehen! 😁
    Aber auch nicht das Töten der Jungtiere....