Monday, October 26, 2015

Jungle Book Thumbnails

I really don't know who drew these small thumbnail sketches for The Jungle Book. They might have been done for the original, darker story treatment, based on Bill Peet's concepts. The rhino Rocky shows up in one of the images, a character Milt Kahl was about to start animation on, before Walt suggested to remove Rocky from the film.
It is interesting to see how certain situations were either restaged or entirely cut from the final version while others reflect scenes we know from the movie.
These original pages were offered at auction a while ago, I kept scans of some of the sketches.
Beautiful stuff!


  1. What size are the drawings? Amazing, how simple and clear drawings they are. And love the colours and how they got distance in to drawings just with few colours. And started to whistle to song immediatelly when just red "Baloo sings Bare Necessities" :D

  2. Love these! Don't think Anderson did these but some of em have a Ken Anderson feel to them, especially the inky ones. Great stuff!

  3. This was one of the greatest Disney films ever. I am glad I could grow up on these ones! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Trying to figure out why and when they would have drawn these.
    Maybe it was an early stage when they were just starting to make the written story visual

  5. Hello Andreas,

    King Louis was an extraordinary character. Here is a sad news:

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