Wednesday, October 28, 2015

They Drew as they Pleased

You need to get this book!
Didier Ghez has compiled the most beautiful Visual Development artwork, representing the 1930s at Disney Studios. You will find gorgeous sketches, watercolors and pastels by artists like Albert Hurter, Ferdinand Hovarth, Gustaf Tenggren and Bianca Majolie. Their level of artistry and invention is mind boggling.
Today's animation industry can learn a lesson or two from the unconventional approach of these early Disney artists. These folks were feverishly experimenting, a quality I would like to see again in today's animated output.

Didier passionately chronicles the life and artistic style of Disney's early idea artists.
The illustrations are beautifully reproduced. Get the book!

Here are a few of Hovarth's design concepts for various projects, not included in the book.

Drawings Disney/Heritage Auctions


  1. now that it's possible to have the character animation look like that(soft pencil + watercolour) nobody's doing it!
    Hope your own work is going well, Andreas!

  2. What talents gathered there! Those were the most creative years.
    By the way, my family knew Ferdinand Horváth before he emigrated to America.

  3. Thanks for the very kind words Andreas! Just as a side note, save for the chess pieces, the raven drawing and the drawing with the large shadow, which I had never seen before, the other drawings by Horvath were created after he worked for Disney. Horvath, thankfully for us, was very meticulos and often inserted the date at the bottom of his drawings which helps a lot.

  4. My sister just bought this for me for my birthday, and man, what beautiful and interesting artwork. It's so unique and intriguing to see how the forerunners of Disney animation explored designs. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for all your posts Andreas and for sharing these additional images.