Monday, October 12, 2015

Peter Pan Stuff

Nice production photo with sequence director Wilfred Jackson (next to a kneeling assistant) discussing a live action reference scene with actors Bobby Driscoll and Kathryn Beaumont.
You can see in the model sheets below, how much animator Milt Kahl modeled the appearance of Peter Pan after Driscoll.
Milt said once that the character of Peter Pan was interesting to him at first because of his weightless way of moving, but once he had that figured out he became a chore to animate almost like the Prince in Sleeping Beauty.
I sure wouldn't be able to tell from those gorgeous key poses on the model sheets.

A magazine article from 1953.
It's interesting to see how well the film stills hold up as black and white images. Perfect lighting and contrast.

A couple of iconic color images from the film.


  1. I was just watching Peter Pan with my daughter this past weekend. Love Tiger Lily's dance. Absolutely amazing. Any chance we can get a future blog post about that shot? Who animated it? Maybe you can pull some strings and get some roughs scanned? Love your blog. Keep up the great work!

    1. That dance was animated by Ken O'Brien, and here are at least two animated rough drawings from the scene:

  2. Thank you Andreas for your great presentation on Saturday, it really shows when someone has a deep passion and love for what they are doing, I wish I could have talked to you more but enjoyed your answers about influential artists and animators. I was wondering if by chance you visit and present at high schools, as I teach at Rialto high school which has a huge art program including animation classes. We have a great group in art club that meets after school also. If you can find time with your busy schedule it would mean more than you could imagine if you spoke to/with them. My email is or the one posted here. Thank you again