Sunday, October 2, 2016

Mushka in Animation Magazine

Just  returned from an East Coast Disney Cruise, where I shared the stage with the one and only Stacia Martin. We gave drawing presentations on the theme of "Good & Evil". For the most part I drew shady characters, while Stacia drew heroines and heroes. The wonderful Tim O'Day hosted the program. Lots of Fun!!
Here is an article from Animation Magazine's April edition on my film Mushka. James Gartler interviewed me for this piece.
There are exciting news about the project which I will share with you soon.


  1. We won your "good" Mickey Mouse. So excited to win! We are framing it and hanging it proudly. It was a pleasure watching you work and listening to your stories.

  2. After reading the article, I'm even more excited to support this feature! Do let us know ways that we can! Keep up the inspiring work!!!

  3. Kind of a shame that Pooh has been forgotten so quickly.
    Keep it up, Andreas! Hope you got a break on the cruise too

  4. Andreas, I think this is as good a time as any for me just to tell you how proud I am of you.

    The Walt Disney Animation Studio that I looked up to for so many years is clearly wanting to turn its back on its hand-drawn roots, but even though you could still be working there even now, you've instead chosen to go out on your own and stand by hand-drawn through thick and thin. And I guess one of the whole reasons why I always looked up to that studio in the first place was because of all the great and wonderfully talented 2D artists like you, who helped give me the characters and films I grew up with, and I know that the art of hand-drawn animation must mean as much to you as it does to me.

    You were one of my heroes back when you were with Disney, and you're still a hero to me now. Thank you. I look forward to seeing your project become an animated reality.

  5. Hot dog, I can hardly wait for some real good times!

  6. Looking forward to Mushka's release, more and more.