Sunday, April 23, 2017

Never before Seen Kahl Drawings

I recently came across these two beautiful sketches by Milt Kahl. They show Jim Dear and Darling from the film Lady and the Tramp, engaged in some sort of conversation. Milt didn't end up animating these characters, that assignment went to Ken O'Brien.
There is little doubt in my mind that photographs were used as reference in creating these images.
It is always fascinating to me how Milt interprets straight realism and comes up with forms and shapes that can be animated. 
Wonderful insight into an early stage of Lady and the Tramp character design. 

Ken O'Brien came very close in his animation to what Milt did graphically in the design phase:


  1. Wow!! We never get that clear of a view of Jim Dear and Darling. What engaging drawings!!

    1. They're just as normal as you and me!

    2. It would have been interesting to have seen more of the story from their perspective. I particularly like these designs. They don't appear to be quite as caricatured as Roger and Anita in Dalmatians.

    3. Their story of being first-time parents might prove to be an interesting in its own right, despite being very normal/down-to-earth, and they could probably stand in for any couple in that position. The film simply didn't focus on them as much given its titular characters it needed to stay on to keep the film on track.