Friday, April 21, 2017

Sleeping Beauty Color/Design Studies

All those color key paintings by Eyvind Earle for Disney's Sleeping Beauty are breathtaking. Simple, strong composition that emphasize the design and mood for individual scenes from the film.
Earle signed most of his work, but not always. 
There are plenty of fake Earle design paintings (along with Mary Blair) offered at various auctions these days, but the ones shown here are the real thing. 

The Walt Disney Family Museum is about to open a huge exhibition featuring Eyvind Earle's art.
Paintings from his work at Disney as well as his personal art will be on display. For more information go here:

For more on Earle check out this previous post:


  1. Oh Andreas, i love this artworks of Eyvind Earle I will like to see this for real, can you send more sketches of Sleeping Beauty please and thank you Andreas.

  2. Will there be an art book of the Eyvind Earle exhibition? Those that I know of is the Snow White book from JB Kaufman, and Magic, Color, Flair: The World of Mary Blair, by John Canemaker

  3. These frames of Art are enchantments for my eyes!!!

  4. In hindsight it's incredible leap of faith on Walt's part, that they used such an atypical style on such a high-budget film. With so much at stake, any other studio would have used a 'safe bet' and repeated a familiar style.

  5. Where did you find the art of Sleeping Beauty?.

  6. I wish I could go to the Disney family Museum...seems like the coolest place! I wouldn't mind getting a sleeping bag and living outside the museum and just so I can visit it everyday.. haha.