Sunday, October 29, 2017

Ollie Johnston on Jungle Book Characters

This is historical. Ollie Johnston talks about the character relationships between Mowgli,  Bagheera and Baloo. Ollie compares them to people we all know. 
I have used this clip as part of my presentation about my Nine Old Men book.
You can tell that Ollie and his fellow animators thought of their characters as being real with human personalities.

Words of wisdom!!


  1. Are there animators who don't think of their characters as being real beings with personalities? What do they think they're doing?

  2. Wow.. they were doing character arcs. And pulling from real life so we can relate with the characters

  3. What's interesting is that you know how we've all seen Dumbo and have felt emotional about it, Frank Thomas (who always put emotions in his characters) actually wasn't able to get emotionally involved in the movie, why not? Because he didn't work on the film according to colleague, Ward Kimball.