Thursday, November 2, 2017

Merlin and Mim

From Bill Peet's storyboard sketch to final film frame.
Frank Thomas animated this section from Sword in the Stone, where Mim in her bossy way explains the rules for the upcoming Wizards' Duel. Frank was able to improve the staging for this "nose grab moment" because of the characters' variation in height. Mim has to stand on her toes and reach upward to get to Merlin's face.
This makes for a clear, dynamic, triangular composition.
Old Disney rule: You gotta plus the stuff given to you!


  1. I love Frank's and especially Peet's use of eyebrows.

  2. Exquisite staging-from storyboard to cell. Thank you for sharing. It reminds me a little of that wonderful show-down between Cruella and Roger (when he refuses to sell her the puppies), which, as you explained in earlier posts, was also conceived by Bill Peet. Did Marc Davis and Milt Kahl animate that scene? I wonder who came up with the idea for Cruella to twist Roger's pipe in frustration? A brilliant idea that conveys so much about character and the tone of the scene with one small gesture.

  3. I love this two characters in Sword in the Stone
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