Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Versions of Alice

I love Mary Blair's color sketches of Alice. Her chubby arms and legs feel very doll like. I wonder how likable and identifiable this stylized Alice might have been in animation.

David Hall's earlier development work on the character show a skinny and more realistic looking girl.
These stick like legs create a graphic contrast to the bulky blue dress.

Add Kathryn Beaumont's performance and Milt Kahl's draughtsmanship and you get the final, approved look for the title character in Alice in Wonderland


  1. I like Mr. Kahls work through and through. The man was a genius.

  2. David Hall's development art is fascinating. Had his version been made, I imagine the film would have been closer stylistically to Snow White and Pinocchio: fantastical but brimming with darkness.

    But in the end, I'm happy with the film we got. Mary Blair's surreal touch adds a lot to the film, and Kathryn Beaumont is perfect as Alice.

  3. I just love Alice, like Charles Dickens loves Red Riding Hood. Can't get enough of her, she's so adorable

  4. thanks for your book on the nine old men ! now i wait for a full one dedicated on Milt Kahl :)

  5. Ca va Georges?
    J'espère que tu vas bien. Je pourrais utiliser ton talent formidable sur mon film MUSHKA!