Sunday, October 22, 2017


Another beautiful animation drawing by the amazing Marc Davis. This is Princess Aurora, as she tells the Three Fairies about someone she met in the forest. Marc's knowledge of anatomy as well as graphic design floors me. This level of draughtsmanship is rare, even at Disney.
I love where Marc accents certain lines by drawing them darker and thicker. Like the underside of the hair resting on her left shoulder, or the line defining her left lower arm.
Frank Thomas said that Marc's animation always looked best in pencil test form. Final inked cels would eliminate these lovely inconsistencies.
What a great drawing to study for inspiration at the beginning of the week.


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  2. Just beautiful. It's always a pleasure to see Sleeping Beauty production art. Marc Davis certainly outdid himself with Aurora's graceful movements and bearing – aided by Mary Costa's sophisticated voice work. It really helped establish her unique personality despite her overall limited screen time.

  3. Look at that little chart!
    Do you reckon he animated this part on twos by himself, and did little charts like that for assistants to put it onto ones?

    1. Yes, that is how Marc animated and charted this scene.
      What baffles me is the fact that he always asked for in-betwens right in the middle of his key drawings. Never favoring one or the other.

    2. That is curious! You'd think it would look floaty