Thursday, February 22, 2018


A beautiful rough animation drawing by Ollie Johnston. It looks to me that this scene was based on live action footage. Many scenes with the stepsisters in Cinderella were handled in a cartoony way, something Ollie regretted later on. He thought he might have gone too far occasionally portraying them as broad animation personalities. And...I probably agree.
There is a drastic difference between the realism of the Stepmother and Cinderella versus the broad animation of the Stepsisters.
But the two sisters represent much needed comic relief within the story, and they do perform as such beautifully.
Cinderella remains one of Disney's best storytelling. I do love this movie.


  1. Anastasia does look a little ugly with this facial expression. I am very careful when tracing live-action reference into my drawings of the human figure and facial expressions and gestures.

  2. I love the shape and position of the hands in this, beautifully drawn.

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  4. I am curious, why do you think Cinderella is the best storytelling to date from Disney?