Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Prince and Dragon

I posted about this dramatic sequence from Sleeping Beauty before. Here is some more material showing aspects of the production process.
Actor Ed Kemmer (1921 - 2004) acted out action scenes for animator Ken Hultgren, who drew most of the Prince footage, as he fights the growing thorns and the Dragon.

A number of scenes were animated with a variety of dragon designs, before the final appearance became finalized. Eric Cleworth animated most of the Dragon, but I am convinced that Marc Davis added some graphic strength to this character. Drawing # 21 looks very much like Marc's work.

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  1. oh, I didn't know that Ken Hultgren did that stuff!
    I'm really surprised with those different dragon designs too

  2. I heard about Ken Hultgren on the Sleeping Beauty Diamond Edition Blu-ray it's very intresting how the move and the action scene of fighting the dragon, best scene ever and it sounds like a video game like The Legend of Zelda a little bit.

  3. Great stuff! Such an iconic scene. I always enjoy seeing the live action reference photos that inspired the animators' performances. The dragon must have been an especially fun and challenging assignment, both in developing the design and capturing its/her powerful movements.

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