Saturday, April 28, 2018

Roger Rabbit Poster

I drew this illustration of Roger Rabbit eons ago for some Disney travel department or Disney theme parks. I remember having fun with it.
Black felt pen and Magic Markers. Very much influenced by what Hans Bacher taught me about markers and color.


  1. Pretty cool. Please would u consider writing a 101 on markers and colour? I’d love to learn how you go about achieving this look.

  2. it's lovely! I wish they used the animators to draw the promo art more often. Who else could possibly draw the characters better?

  3. I love old movies of classic art of animation and the old style of the cinema the first technicolor of the animation is Snow White and the seven Dwarfs, and later The Wizard of Oz the first movie in Technicolor, i wish if the art forms will come back just like "Some were over the Rainbow", the 1940s and the 1990s are perfect before TANGLED 2011 and FROZEN 2013.

    1. But Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie ever since I was born in December 1992.

  4. Wonderful Andreas!, "Who Framed..." Is still one of my favorite films.

  5. It looks amazing! I wish I could get myself to color with markers that good!