Saturday, May 12, 2018


A great sketch of a frog by Swiss animal expert Fritz Hug. I love frogs. Their arms and legs always remind me of human anatomy. (Part of the reason I could never eat them.)
Below are beautiful sketches by Disney's Bernard Garbutt. What amazing observation.
Perhaps a dose of this kind of body structure might have helped the frog characters in Disney's The Princess and the Frog, one of the studio's last hand drawn films .


  1. I thought it was Winnie the Pooh the last hand drawn animation in 2011, but later the studio was working on The Snow Queen under the title of "FROZEN" and it should be a hand drawn animation just like The Princess and the Frog but thay turned down for 3D, I can't believe it why people like 3D than 2D I wish that the hand drawn animation come back after 6 years in 2011.

  2. I am also a big fan of frogs, and I draw them all the time!
    Their anatomy is real interesting, and the different hard and soft areas make them fun to draw. Those corners along their backs are the top of their enormous hip bones (I guess all their strength is in their legs, so the bones need to support that)
    Also they don't have a full rib cage, just the flat top of their back. Their underside is super squishy and vulnerable

  3. Beautiful drawings by Garbutt. You can see the influence of work like this on the frog in 'Bambi' and the frog in the underwater sequence in 'The Sword in the Stone'.