Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Why isn't he finished yet...

 ...because our team is relatively small, and it takes time to maintain quality. We were thinking earlier this year, if  everybody gives it an extra push, perhaps we could finish the project by the end of this year. But this would mean compromising here and there in order to get it done. That's not going to happen. So we will go into next year with the hope and intention to finish by mid-year.

To be honest. there were times when I thought, what't wrong with a seven minutes format?
The fact is, I need 25 minutes to tell this particular story.
And we are making progress, with five sequences in final color very soon.

The scene above shows Sarah after she arrives in Eastern Russia. She is sent upstairs to her "room".
The camera follows her as she walks across her new home. She trips, then runs into a spider web before arriving by the window on screen left, where she opens her suitcase.


  1. Keep going for it and take as much time as you need, Andreas. Traditional animation is an art form worth keeping alive, and your unwavering devotion to it even in these times is why I admire you.

    You really were one of my big heroes in Disney animation, and you still are.

  2. Well, it's animation, so it's difficult and time-consuming by nature, I guess. I think I speak for all of us when I say I'm glad you're sticking it out and putting the extra bit of care into it!

  3. I agree keep going man We believe in you👍

  4. Great things need time. Looking forward to seeing your new film

  5. As much as I am filled with anticipation to see your finished work, I am thankful that you have such a high commitment to quality that you refuse to cut corners. Thank you, Deja!. Looking forward!

  6. Don't rush on our account Andreas. We aren't going anywhere! This project is such a treasure. 'Sending positive thoughts and vibes for the ending work on it!

  7. I would love to see this scene in its animated form, with Sarah running into the spider web

  8. Hey Andreas. Keep up Mushka! Keep Drawn Animation Alive! I didn't say 2D like most people, but I like to say Drawn, according to You-Know-Who.
    Keep up the the really great work, may your future and career be complete with happiness and brightness. Cheers.


    P.S. Totally swell to hear about that.

  9. Hello! I was so honored to meet you at Fandaze. (I am the Hercules superfan who's looking into working in animation, the japanese one specifically :)

    I'm so happy to you see artists striving to keep 2D animation going, it is my ultimate favorite and it will forever be (as you said, CGI is good for those who like it!)
    I would love to meet you again someday and discuss some things around a cup of tea or coffee !

  10. Andreas --It hurts me to think of you trying to drag yourself to the finish line on this project. This is something that you began with great love and it doesn't matter when you finish it. You don't owe anyone a finished product this year, next year or any year. When you feel excited about the idea of drawing, draw. When you don't, don't. There's a good reason why our hero, Milt, didn't take something like this on after he retired ---he knew the demands would be next to impossible. So just recognize that you're doing something extraordinary and try to have some fun doing it. No need to promise us you'll finish by any particular date. We all owe you more than we can ever repay anyway.