Tuesday, June 12, 2018

One of Milt Kahl's last Drawings

Just a few days ago I found out that this little gem of a drawing was offered at Heritage's Comic Strip auction, which took place in January. It was sold for just about nothing (or an "apple and and an egg", like we say in Germany). I truly believe that the amount would have been 10 to 20 times larger, had the sketch been offered at one of their Animation Art auctions.

This of course is a Milt Kahl drawing, done for a fan on his last day at Disney, on April 30, 1976.
I think Milt spent most of that day doing sketches like this one. Many of them featuring Madame Medusa, his final character for the studio. 


PS. I re-read this lot's description, which says that this is a signed print.
Now I wonder where the original might be...


  1. HOLY COW!!!And for an "apple and an egg"!! LOL!!
    I would have offered the entire orchard and my chickens! ;p

  2. It seems unusual that they would make a print like that. I wonder what the story is there

  3. Even Milt's signature is a work of art! Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece from one of my favorite movies.

  4. Wow! It went for that little? Still, even as a print, I figured that anything with Milt’s name attached could have gone for just a bit more than this one did. Oh well. It’s a super appealing drawing, though!

    Also, Andreas, I have a question for you. I remember Alex Kupershmidt mentioning that you did some preliminary studies for Stitch during your time on Lilo & Stitch. Would you happen to still have any of those? I’m sure there’s a bunch of us who’d love to see them!

  5. Back in the early sixties I had stacks of Milt's drawings on my desk on a regular basis. After a while you begin to take all this for granted. Sadly, only after Milt was gone we suddenly began to realize we were surrounded by treasures every day.

    1. Thank you for sharing that story, Mr. Norman. It's always great to hear from a legend like yourself.

  6. Hi, did you ask Milt to do a drawing for you while you were meeting him in the 80s?

  7. Milt Kahl must have been an influential animator with exceptional draftsmanship.