Thursday, April 11, 2019

Eric Goldberg's Rhapsody in Blue

The Rhapsody in Blue section in Fantasia 2000 is not only my favorite piece in the movie, it is one of my all time favorite animated short films. 
And lucky me had the opportunity to contribute a couple of scenes to this masterpiece.
I remember complimenting Eric on his amazing story reel. The way he created a solid, entertaining story based on Gershwin's 1924 composition almost left me speechless. It felt like Gershwin came up with his music to accommodate Eric's film many decades later. 
I love everything about this film. The Hirschfeld graphic influence, Susan Goldberg's art direction and everybody's animation. 
Had this been a stand alone short film, it most certainly would have won an Oscar.
Bravo Eric!!!

Here are a few stills featuring my animation.


  1. I never get tired of this shortfilm, it's my favorite. The colors, the animation, the designs. Gershwin's piece is powerful and very unique, I think it was difficult to do such a great job, but you all did.

  2. I totally agree. Donald ark is fantastic as well, but this one is top in the film.

  3. Rhapsody in Blue and The Carnival of the Animals were by far the best sequences at recreating the original concept of Fantasia. You can really see the music and hear the pictures.

  4. lovely! It must have been real satisfying to get that amazing cleanup on your work too.

  5. Those are my favorite as well Alethea! Fantasia 2000 really did the original proud. It captured the spirit and you never would have guessed there was 60 years between the two!

  6. So you got to animate a monkey like Abu in this one. Nice.

  7. Was the design of Flying John's wife based on anyone in particular?

  8. It's my favourite too! Thank you for sharing!

  9. I heard the soundtrack of Fantasia 2000 before I saw the movie. So this short film was different than I expected but much more entertaining than I had ever imagined. :-)

    I like the firebird sequence too. But Goldberg's Rhapsody in Blue is much more unique!!

    The Hirschfeld Style inspires me.
    It looks so fantastic how Hirschfeld draw movements! :-)

    I went to Folkswang Museum in Essen (NRW, Germany) to visit the Emil Pirchan exhibition.
    It was so wonderful! :-)

    I specially like to see how Pirchan draw movements.

    The end of this exhibition is 5.Mai 2019!