Monday, April 8, 2019

Three More Kleys

I just want to share these recent Heinrich Kley online discoveries.
Above, Bacchus' parade. Beautiful subtle color treatment and gorgeous line work.
A tribut to hangovers.
The next one is a muddle of creatures interacting. I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Kley started drawing on one corner of the sheet, not knowing what the final assembly or of characters and composition might end up looking like.

A study of industrial machinery, perhaps commissioned by the German company Krupp.
Kley was extraordinary at depicting everything from landscape watercolors, cityscapes, to fantastical beasts interplaying.
I am astonished to still find never before seen Kley artwork every year. To say that Kley was prolific is an understatement.


  1. Not very long ago, I’ve rewatched the end credits of Disney’s Home on the Range (which just turned 15 years old) and I’ve noticed that you were one of the animators who animated the villain, Alameda Slim. What scenes did you animate Slim in?

    1. You know...I honestly don't remember. I came on to the film very late to animate some story changes.

  2. it's amazing that 'new' work is popping up after all this time!
    I get the impression that he was a similar artist to today's Kim jung Gi, who also spits out amazing pen drawing drawings on a daily basis.
    I'm always impressed by people who can draw machinery well, in the same way that they draw figures or animals. If I ever had to animate a car or something, I'd probably barely make 2 drawings per day!

  3. I know the Bacchus'parade in black and white as one part of a Heinrich Kley book. A book that belongs to the library of Essen*(Krupp Stiftung).

    My favourite artwork is the "muddle of creatures interacting"! :-)

    *(a town of NRW, Germany)