Saturday, October 26, 2019

Roger Rabbit Problem Solving

This was my first scene that involved a character's eye to pop out a la Tex Avery.
I remember paying attention to the technical aspects for the scene. Roger's eye pops and then there needed to be a stagger, a subtle back and forth, back and forth, animated on 1s (like the rest of the movie).  I thought the pencil test looked pretty good until Dick Williams pointed out that during the stagger the eye still has to follow Bob Hoskins' movements.
I adjusted the animation, but there still seemed to be something awkward with the way Roger was placed into the live action scene. A lot was going on with the pillow and the blanket. They seemed to have a life of their own.
I tried a couple more times to make Roger fit into the bed, but it didn't look perfect.
Guess what, ILM placed a shadow over the screen's lower right corner to take the edge off this combination issue. It sure helped a great deal.

In the following scene Roger exits the bed before jumping back on it. It turned out that Bob Hoskins' eye line was too high before the rabbit arrived in his upward position. The solution was to stretch out Roger's arm, so Hoskins looked at the hand, and a few frames later the head.
There were times when we all had to be creative in order to make the animation/live action combo believable.
Great times!!



  1. I knew it! especially the part when Bob Hoskins is looking up at Roger's arm then a short while later, replaced with Roger's head, I knew it it's the improvisation part from the animator!

    I always thought at that part, Bob Hoskins should act better lol

  2. Sehr geehrter Herr Deja,

    wir sind beide in der kleinen Ruhrgebietsstadt Dinslaken aufgewachsen, zusätzlich bin ich Brieftaubenzüchter, ich würde mich gerne zu dieser Thematik mit Ihnen unterhalten, meines Wissens war Walt Disney ein leidenschaftlicher Brieftaubenzüchter, das gemeinsame Hobby von mir und Walt Disney hat Nachwuchssorgen, aus dieser Misere könnte ein Comic helfen, daher habe ich die Hoffnung das Sie mir bei meinem Anliegen helfen können!? Viele Grüße Ralf Nisbach

    1. Sehr geehrter Herr Nisbach,
      falls sie nicht schon eine direkte Antwort erhalten haben, vielleicht kann Ihnen der in Bottrop wohnhafte Comickünstler Torsten Kyon weiterhelfen.
      Der zeichnet schon seit Jahren Comics über Brieftauben. Recht populär sogar...